SmartRoutes™ continuously ingests high fidelity real-time data from the FAA, NOAA, MIT-LL and other sources, and then automatically analyzes all en route air traffic to identify wind-corrected, high-value route optimization opportunities.  Our ATC friendly advisories are sent directly to your dispatchers, allowing your airline to minimize flight time and save fuel while avoiding convective weather. 

Our advisories can also be provided directly to the Flight Crew or shared across both organizations - providing a powerful foundation for Collaborative Decision Making. 

When utilized by dispatch, the dispatcher simply logs into our website with his credentials and is presented with advisories only for the flights he or she is managing.  There is no airline data system intrusion, just access to our website – providing you with a high degree of information security and peace of mind.

Flight List Display

SmartRoutes™ Flight List summarizes available advisories for the dispatcher and can be positioned in a corner of the dispatcher’s screen - enabling the dispatcher to keep his/her other tools “front and center”.

Example SmartRoutes™ Flight List demonstrates an advisory for a Frontier Airlines Airbus A320neo flight from Denver to Austin with 5 minutes of potential savings.

Powerful Weather Avoidance Capabilities

Example graphical route advisory shows a AAL Boeing 737-800 flight from Jacksonville to Dallas / Ft. Worth with 4.5 minutes of potential savings.

Our powerful algorithms evaluate all possible weather avoidance routes every 12 seconds and select the route with the most savings that is also likely acceptable to both ATC and the Flight Crew.